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NChick (VO): In August of 1989, Columbia Pictures released The Adventures of Milo and Otis, an American recut of the enormously popular Japanese film A Kitten's Story: The Adventures of Chatran. While the Milo and Otis edit was a folksy, adorable jont with a keen eye on children under the age of 10, "Chatran" was more akin to, say, a Terrence.

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Rebirth Era (Post-"Superman Reborn") Chronology _____ YEAR SIX (2007) -FLASHBACK: From Gotham Academy: Second Semester #12—and also referenced in Gotham Academy: Second Semester #9-12.Batman busts pyrokinetic super-villain Calamity (Sybil Silverlock), who claims that the ghost of Amity Arkham, one of the long deceased matriarchs of the notorious Arkham family, has been possessing her.

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This is a list of currently known characters featured in the Cars franchise, Planes franchise, and all other related media. If you would like to add an unnamed character to this list (e.g: Chip Gearings' Hauler) please make sure it has a diecast release and/or some form of artwork. A.P. Biggs Jr. - Storm Chasing Aaron Clocker - Cars 3 Acer - Cars 2 Adam Parke - Cars 2 Admiral Kittyhawk - Moon.

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Published Aug 06, 2019. The inspiration behind Brad Pitt's Cliff Booth in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is profiled in the new documentary Danger God. 'Stuntmen don't fear death, they defy it.

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